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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I log in?
  • Please enter your registered mobile number
  • Wait for a few minutes for the OTP SMS to arrive
  • Enter the OTP to log-in
Whom and how should I contact if I face any issues ?
In case of any query or confusion, you can fill this form
What is the duration of the program ?
You can cover the course content (including mentor sessions and mock interviews) within one month. However, the internship guarantee program will stay active for 180 days, starting from the day you subscribe to the XPEdge program
What is the program fee ?
The subscription fee for the XPEdge Internship Guarantee Program is Rs 20,000/- (inclusive of all taxes). However, you may receive up to 100% scholarship, based on your scholarship application. Download the MyFirstXP app to apply for a scholarship.
How do I apply for scholarship ?
You need to take ZSAT and submit a video resume through our app for applying for scholarship.
What is the medium of instruction going to be ?
The medium of instruction will be in english. You must be able to understand the lectures that are delivered in English language. Although as part of the curriculum, we help you develop your written and verbal communication skills.
Can I attend the course in my own time ?
Yes, the course is 100% self paced. However, your mentor may reach out to you and schedule on-on-one sessions and mock interviews based on your availability
Will I receive a certificate on completing this program ?
Yes, we do issue a certificate of completion. However, the core focus at MyFirstXP is on skill-development and holistic learning to help you crack internships
Does MyFirstXP guarantee an internship ?
Yes, we guarantee an internship after the course. In case you do not get an internship within 180 days, we will refund the course fee, based on certain terms and conditions
I applied for scholarship but haven’t heard back yet. When should I expect a response ?
Post evaluation of the application form, you will receive a call from our end. In case you haven't received it, please get in touch with us using this form
What is the eligibility criteria for getting enrolled in XPEdge? How does it work ?
You need to be a graduate or a final year student (any stream). You are required to have a laptop and a good internet connection to continue attending our classes. Basic knowledge of the English language is also a must.
Do I have to take the first internship I’m offered ?
It is not compulsory to opt for the first internship that you're offered. We will refer you for the positions based on your performance and interest. You can decide to sit for many different interviews before taking up a internship.
If I get placed without MyFirstXP's help, will I still be obliged to pay ?
If you get an internship within six months from the start of the course, you’ll have to pay the fees even if you get placed without MyFirstXP's help We believe that during these six months you'll receive tremendous learnings from this course which will help you crack interviews in various top-notch companies.
Find Internships
How do I apply to an internship?
  • Click on "View Details" to get details about the company and the profile.
  • Go through the details thoroughly and apply if your profile matches the requirements of the company.
  • If already a registered user, click on "Apply Now" and follow the mentioned steps to submit your application.
  • If not registered, please register first using a phone number, and then follow the above process.
What is a Work From Home internship?
A work from home internship is a work opportunity for a fixed duration (1 week - 6 months) where you work from the comfort of your home and earn a stipend. The employer will send you all the work through emails or in some cases over internet-based text message applications along with the date of submission of the work. You can choose your work hours (unless asked by the employer to work on specific hours) and then submit the work to the employer through the email or to any other channel the employer may have asked you to upload it too.
Do I need to pay in order to apply?
Absolutely not! It’s a free platform. You need not pay anything to apply.
My Applications
Can I apply for an internship if I am still in college?
Yes, of course! You can apply to any internship if you are available to work. There is no restriction of age, degree, etc. in order to apply.
What does the status Applied mean?
It means that you have successfully applied and your application has been shared with the employer.
I have already applied for a position. How do I edit my application?
An application once submitted cannot be edited or canceled back. We would suggest you review the answers properly before submitting it in future.
I got rejected for an internship. Can I apply again?
You cannot apply again to the same internship for which your application has been rejected. Please apply to other internships and increase your chances of getting hired.
I cannot find an internship based on my preferences. What do I do?
If you're not able to find internships or jobs as per your preferences by searching for it in the search bar, it is possible that we don't have internships or jobs in that particular category/ location. However, hundreds of internships and jobs are posted on our platform across various categories/locations every day. So, we suggest you keep checking our platform from time to time to see if any new internships or jobs are posted in your preferred category/location.
The stipend mentioned in the platform and that on the offer letter is different. What should I do?
If you come across any such incident where the stipend mentioned and the offer letter do not match, then, please drop an email to us, and also attach the offer letter along with your email/text conversation with the employer. We will go through the issue and take necessary actions. However, if you want to continue and accept the offer made by the employer, you may do so at your discretion.
Technical Issues
I am not able to access my account
Please try opening the website in Chrome/ Mozilla and in incognito mode. It's recommended to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for a better user experience. If the problem still persists, then please take a screenshot of the page and email it to us. We will look into it and help you out.